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About Freeway

Freeway. Beautiful floats & trailers.

From humble beginnings, freeway floats & trailers is now a brand synonymous in the equestrian fraternity and specialist trailer industry.

A proud history since 1980

Freeway launched in 1980 when Alan and Lyn Crabbe decided to design and build their daughter a plywood float to carry her first pony. Starting from the ground up, and including the roof mould which is still in use today, they built one float for the family and another one to sell, to help pay for the other. Initially named “Palimino” because of the gold and cream colouring, Freeway was born.

Freeway. Beautiful floats & trailers.

One of New Zealand’s most popular floats and trailers

When local people saw the way the finished product looked and towed, it wasn’t long before they had more orders than they could cope with.

As they started making more and more floats, word quickly spread about these floats that towed so beautifully and the business continued to grow. Since the palamino days, freeway has built hundreds of floats and trailers and are one of New Zealand’s top selling float and trailer manufacturers.

Freeway floats and trailers have proven to be very popular and are recognised by riders all over the New Zealand for their quality, smooth ride, and practical features.

A new era in float and trailer design

It was these key success factors that captured the imagination of new owners Scott Field and Blair Hislop. Since then, there have been numerous positive changes skilled production teams headed by Brent Burridge supported by welding and fabrication engineering team. The innovations continue to roll out regularly, all with the primary objective of improving product quality and all-round experience for their new owners.

Freeway - Just Horsing Around

Freeway’s proud history continues, and the company mantra continues to be all about pride in workmanship, quality, and a sense of fun - we like to call it “horsing around”. So you can be assured the quality and service synonymous with the Freeway brand you’ve come to expect, is in safe hands for many years to come.

Freeway. Beautiful floats & trailers.

5 Reasons to Choose Freeway

  • Customised to your requirements
  • Made for New Zealand conditions
  • Excellent resale value
  • Proven quality
  • Pride in workmanship

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